Father's Day Gift Idea

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Last week my friend Sara texted me, "Ladan, what are we getting our husbands for Father's Day?" Great question. And a question I ask myself months in advance because in the span of four weeks every year we have Brian's birthday, our anniversary and Father's Day. That's a lot of brainstorming for little ol' me.

I feel every woman says this about her partner, father, brother, but Brian is truly the hardest to shop for. He has everything and asks for nothing. For his birthday this year Neda and I got him this cardinal shirt because he's shared his love for them repeatedly (and we thought it was funny :) For Father's Day this year he said he wanted "us," so I got him us framed by Mimeo Photos.

I ordered a framed 8x10 photo of me and Neda from our trip to Charleston last year. It's a candid snap Brian took, and Neda looks so, so sweet and pure to me in it. It was unbelievably easy to order — I uploaded the photo from my phone while waiting for Neda in the school pickup line! And it came in less than a week. We gave it to Brian immediately (we also gave him his birthday present a month in advance, oops), and he has said several times that he loves it so much. 

I can't recommend Mimeo Photos and all of their products enough (I've used them for more than a decade, remember?). We love this chic white framed print, but if you're running out of wall space, this blanket would be so special! And, I love a good photo book, of course. So many Mimeo Photos gifts would be perfect for the dude that has everything. 

(This post was sponsored by Mimeo Photos. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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