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Thursday, February 11, 2021

smoothie time is always the best time at our house!

We're reaching the anniversary of this madness (you know exactly what I mean), and it's truly unbelievable. When I left the office last March, I was so sure I'd be back in a few days —  few weeks, tops. I left my jar of chocolate truffles! That's how na├»ve I was! And, yet, here we are. Nearly four hundred days later —  four hundred! And still no end in sight. 

For months (like, 11 months) I've been getting on work calls with people chiming in on the home renovation projects they've tackled  — wallpapering a nursery, gutting a bathroom, all new kitchen appliances. I always lay low. I've got nothing to offer. Not only have I not tackled a big project, I haven't tackled even the smallest. That is, until February 1. We hit the reset button around here. It was time to take care of the little things that have been driving me nuts for nearly four hundred days and add a little excitement to our lives (by way of shower hooks...). 

So, here it is! With many thanks to Wayfair we've made some little changes that aren't close to wallpapering a nursery, but they're feeling that big! 

1. This list is in no particular order, but after five years of saying I will, I replaced our rusty shower curtain hooks, and I don't think $8 has ever been better spent. Brian was so disappointed when he opened the package (and doesn't understand my happiness about them now), but the shower looks cleaner and the screeching sound when you draw the curtain is gone. The curtain glides. All of this joy for $8! 

2. Since before Neda was born, I've made it a point to have minimal baby stuff. I believe so firmly that you don't need nearly as much as they say, and these days, she prefers the Amazon box the toy comes in over the toy itself! But, over the past 16 months, her toy collection has grown, and it feels like we're living in a toy store that's going bankrupt. There's stuff everywhere. Enter this Wayfair basket and this Wayfair basket. I have a living room again! And, once she's older (but no rush, Neda!), I'll fill these baskets with adult things once again. 

3. This is along the lines of the shower curtain hooks, but hear me out. A new sponge holder. The old one was a $5 purchase from the grocery store on the day we moved in and realized we didn't have one, and it was grimy and quite gross. This one will get there sooner rather than later, but for now, it's clean and shiny and doesn't bother me when I'm washing dishes for the 50th time on a Saturday the way the old one did. 

4. New sheets. Because new sheets are always a good idea (even if you're boring and get the exact same plain white Wayfair ones every year). We haven't stayed in a hotel in nearly two years, and I don't see us going to one anytime soon. Anything I can do to bring a little luxury to our own bedroom, I'm in. Also, these sheets are on sale from $23 from $120, so it's time to stock up.

5. And, a luxury item! Because we've earned it. Every single one of us. After years and years and years of wanting one, I took the plunge and got a Vitamix. I couldn't bring myself to register for one when we were getting married ($!), but now I'd recommend anyone do wholeheartedly. I love it. Brian (the biggest skeptic!) loves it. Neda loves it. On Saturdays, she drags it out after her nap for her green smoothie. It's got a hefty price tag, but it's our favorite appliance and we use it daily. We even convinced my sister and my parents to get the exact same one :) Goodbye annual blender purchases that always left me disappointed. 

Will these make the next eternity at home perfect? Likely not. We're going quite crazy over here. But, they have made the new year more refreshing and our home more exciting to us. And little things like that go a long way these days.

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