2020, A Year in Review

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Oh, 2020. What is there left to say, even? In a way, it's comforting. We all get it. In a way, it was nice, it slowed me down like never before. In a way, I'm still processing it (it's February, after all, and I'm writing this blog post now...). In a way I never, ever want to relive it. It was a hard year, and a lot of its stress and anxiety has followed me into 2021. 

A friend who knows me better than most suggested this be the year of limits for me. For too long I've reached higher and higher, and it's time to sit back. And be OK with sitting back. There are blog partnerships, freelance clients and recent work projects that are some of my highest achievements. Having McDonald's reach out to me for  sponsorship a few years ago will forever be a bright spot for this little blog of mine. But, the days have become long and the nights longer, and it's time to put my limited energy towards my day job and my family. There will be blog posts here and there (our wedding anniversary posts are so special to me) and freelance pieces sparingly because I can't sit completely still, but I need to slow down and take things a day at a time. The plate has been too full for too long. 

I took a Peloton class yesterday, and the instructor said there are people out there who would gladly take your problems, and they'd call them blessings. This is true. And I have to remember that. I'm putting aside opportunities and privileges that have served me so well and are truly a blessing. I am grateful for all that I've been given. And for you. For coming here. And for 2020, even, for its beautiful memories and the opportunity to enjoy my home and my partner and my baby like I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. There's a lot of good, and in 2021, I'm hoping more peace. 

In case you're new around here, these big photo dumps are my favorite thing. If nothing else, I think you can count on more of these around here :) (year in review posts from 2019201820172016201520142013!) Wishing you the happiest new year. Let's be extra good to ourselves this year. 

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