The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for This Year

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

B and I have never really been into Valentine's Day. In the beginning, he was always working late that night (tax season), and I'm not one for prix fixe menus and crowded restaurants (a trait that has served me well the past year ;) After we got married, we started a new tradition of getting each other a book on the holiday, and that's something I've come to cherish (especially the love note in the front flap), but other than that and a giant bag of candy hearts, nothing much to report around here. 

This year, we've gotten a little more into holidays. What else is there to get into, after all? But, it's hard to give gifts in this upside-down world. I've always prioritized experiences as gifts, but since we're not experiencing much, there isn't much to give. I wish I could book a massage for B, get a dinner date on the calendar, go rock climbing, to see a movie or museum. Oh, I wish that so badly! But, in the absence of those, framing photos from a few precious moments in 2020 is such a special alternative. 

Late last year, Simply Framed reached out and asked if I'd be interested in getting a few photos printed and framed. I looked around our house, and every photo was from before Neda was born. The chaos of 2020 put little updates like that at the very bottom of our list (we're just trying to survive around here!), and I didn't realize how stale and dated everything felt. We've been going through the motions every day, scrambling to fit in the essentials, but a little change like this has been so nice to look at at the end of a long day. 

The first thing I did was choose three images. I pulled them up on my screen and picked three frames I thought would complement each. I picked a location in our house for each of them and chose the sizing based on that. The best thing about custom framing is that you're not locked into a specific size. The best thing about Simply Framed is that they do it all —  print, frame, ship. There's absolutely no chance this working mama was going to get it together enough to have these printed and then go hunt for the perfect frames. Again, survival mode still, folks. 

These are the three frames I chose: one, two and three. I wanted them completely different in case we do add them to our gallery wall, which has various colors and materials already. I also played around with the matting on each because if you can customize, might as well, right? The standard options are just as beautiful, though. 

Maybe, down the line, we'll hang these, but I also like that we just have them leaning with no intention to have them up on walls. I also like that I picked some of my favorite memories from last year. Maybe, I'll update each frame with a fresh memory every year. 

This feels like the best gift to give this year. An opportunity to reflect on the good from last year and bring some extra magic into the house. After all, it's where we're spending all of our time these days. 

P.S. The deadline for Valentine's Day shipping is 2/1!

(This post was sponsored by Simply Framed. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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