A Slamdunk Holiday Gift for Kids: Pinhole Press!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Neda's five favorite things, in no particular order, are: her family, her octopus, eating berries, watching CoComelon and reading books. As long as she's with one of those people or doing one of those things, she has a guaranteed smile on her face. Lately, she'll put down a toy she's been playing with and pick out a few favorite books then scoot to your lap and sit patiently as you read them. Sometimes we'll lay in bed for 30 minutes reading before bed! One of her first words was "gook" at 10 months. I love her quiet, pensive nature. 

She also loves identifying family members in photos. We have dozens of Instagram photos printed on the side of our fridge, and at least twice a day we quiz her on who's who. She (as competitive as her mother) loves getting them right and will give out a little squeal! 

So, this Pinhole Press book of names and faces was a no-brainer! We were hoping to give it to her for Christmas, but knowing how much she'd love it, we didn't last. 

Neda's book includes a page for each of her family members, her beloved octopus and cousin dogs :) While I was hoping the mom page would be her favorite, she makes us sprint to the pages of the "woofs." She also loves the front cover, the Neda page — who can blame her? 

We read this book at least 10 times a day —  in bed, in every chair, on the kitchen counter while we wait not-so-patiently for dad to make dinner — and I think it'll be a good distraction in the car, where our sweet girl likes to stretch her vocal cords most. 

It only took me five minutes to make the book, and I know it's something she'll cherish even when she's older. I'm thinking of making her a few more, too. One from our summer adventures, one featuring family abroad and one with photos of her best friend Maddie since she gives me my phone and wants to go on Maddie's mom's Instagram to look at photos of Maddie every morning before school! 

She smiles at every person's face every time, like she wasn't expecting to see them in the book this time around, ha! It's incredibly sweet. And, I love how she tries to say names or convey her excitement. While we've been seeing family sparingly, Covid has kept us away from visiting my sister in Wisconsin and Brian's sister in Missouri. But, Neda's still quick to identify her Khaleh Shabz and Auntie Kelly :)

In case you were wondering what it's like to take photos of a toddler...

We're getting Neda some plastic jewelry, crayons and bubble bath for Christmas, and I think she'll giggle at the sight of all of them! If you're stuck on what to get your littles (or even big kids and adults!), I can't recommend these Pinhole Press books enough.

P.S. Pinhole Press is offering readers 15% off with code MAKETHEMOST15.  

(This post was sponsored by Pinhole Press. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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