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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I'm that nosy person that's looking deep into your grocery cart while you check out, who opens your medicine cabinet when I use your bathroom, who reads your texts over your shoulder on the subway. I'm curious! And, right now, I'm most interested in people's home offices. Where are you working?! What does it look like?! My company doesn't allow webcams, but on the off-chance someone has one on, I'm squinting to read the titles on the bookshelf behind them. Family photos are what I'm really looking for. I can't help it!

So, it's only right that I share :) Here's a peek into our office. Which is also our laundry room. And our gym. And our pantry. It's small but mighty, and with a few recent updates, it feels more productive and comfortable. Is it our dream space? Far from. But six months into spending the majority of the day in there, we're finding ourselves more and more satisfied. 

Early on in quarantine we made two major changes to the room. We swapped our old desk for one Brian inherited from his grandma, and we bought a Peloton bike. B had his eyes on his grandma's desk for decades, and I'd been bugging him to get the Peloton for months. So, we're both quite satisfied :)

From there, we made little changes to make the room cozy and functional. We moved some art and posters from around the house to the office (and used all Wayfair frames), and we make sure our beverage fridge is always fully stocked. We also use this little basket for recycling materials, which isn't stunning but feels aesthetically nicer than a diaper box or random pile by the door.

We also finally went through dozens of file folders and cleaned out all of the unnecessary stuff we've been hoarding for years. Now we have it consolidated to two file boxes (which are beyond full and about to burst, but only two!).

It's lots of little changes, but it's a little space. So little that if one thing is off, like too many shoes by the back door, it quickly looks disheveled. But, for now, it works well. Some days we're frustrated, but most days it works well. And, since we'll be working from here for the foreseeable future, that is a very good thing.

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