Neda's Summer Checklist!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I should probably come to terms with the fact that it's fall, but to know me is to know I live for summer (it's on my tiny bio even!). There's just so much to love, and even though this year it felt a little upside down, I still wanted to make sure it was special. So, as a lover of lists (and I like to think Neda is as well), I made Neda a little summer checklist in June. And, we checked everything off days before fall :) I wanted to share the list and a photo from each event on this little scrapbook. It was such a wonderful season for our little family. I think the day we went strawberry picking will be one of my favorite memories forever. 

Also, a few people suggested a fall checklist on my Instagram, but it already feels too chilly to me to be motivated to do much, ha! Though, I am hoping to get her to an apple orchard this weekend, and we're going on a short hike with family. And, I tried that Starbucks pumpkin cold brew everyone's talking about yep, delicious. Still, bring back summer!

1. Try ice cream!

2. Go to the pool!

3. Ride a bike with mommy or daddy!

4. Go camping over night!

5. Go berry picking!

6. Have a dinner picnic! 

7. Go to the beach!

8. Go for a boat ride!

9. Take a vacation!

10. Dine al fresco at a restaurant! 

264 days until we see you again, sweet summer! 

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