Sunday Scaries.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

I may have told this story before. Years ago, at a wedding, someone asked me a question about my blog. Before I had a chance to answer, someone else shouted across the table that it's basically just an ode to Brian. I felt embarrassed and defensive, but ha, it is. And when it's not, it's nothing more than my little Internet scrapbook. 
So, Internet, let's put it out there this evening that I am so grateful for that husband of mine. Eternally grateful and unsure how I got so lucky. It's been an exhausting week (six months? year? 10 years?), and by Friday night I had no gas in the tank. Not a drop. On Thursday night I had worked until 1am (rare), and Neda had woken up at 4am unable to go back to sleep (also rare). Earlier that day B had picked Neda up from school, made us both dinner and put her to bed. He had waited up for me and went to console her when he heard her crying in the middle of the night. The next morning he took her for a walk and came home with coffees for us. Days and weeks work because of him. I don't know how he does it. Neda and I adore him and are so thankful to the universe that he is ours. 
There's still no gas, so, yes, this blog is nothing more than an ode to B these days. But, I had to put this out there because after 167 days of spending almost every minute together, I'm more grateful than ever to have him. I've made a lot mistakes the past 32 years, but this will forever be my very best decision. 

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