Spring Refresh & Social Distancing...

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hi. How are you feeling? We've been spending almost all of our time inside these days, but every time I pass people on the street, they are taking about the same thing: the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems to be top of mind for everyone. So, tell me, how are you? 

Right now, for our family, life feels ominous. Neda's school is closed. Brian's department asked everyone to work from home, so he's been doing taxes from a laptop in various rooms the past few days. My office closed recently, and I'm doing my best to align conference calls with nap time. We've avoided big public groups, and we bought a couple extra jars of peanut butter and Oreos. We're greeting people with elbow taps or waves, instead of hugs and cheek kisses. I'm assuming that, in days or weeks, things will continue to tighten up. It's a strange feeling. 

But, we're trying to make the most of things (ha!). While we're quarantined in our little apartment, we're doing some spring cleaning and bringing some excitement into our day-to-day routine. While I'm in a big decluttering mode (why do I have bags upon bags full of gift bags and wrapping paper?!), I've introduced a few new items to our little space that are cheering us up these days.

First up, the most important news of all and our biggest bright spot: Neda is eating solids! And she's loving it. We gave her sweet potatoes on Sunday, and she couldn't get enough. She was so into it and insisted on feeding herself. I love her passion for food and independence so much. Since Sunday, she's been living for her daily fruit or vegetable serving, and we have, too. I love this exploration time with her, it's as if everything else stops.

I also wanted to share our new posters MetropolisPrints. How cool are they?! Kurt from MetropolisPrints sent them to us, and we are obsessed. We customized them with a memorable cities we've visited, a few on deck and a few we dream to visit with Neda. We love traveling so much, I love having these as the center of our kitchen.

We've been spending a lot of time in our kitchen these days, since we're all home and all always hungry :) Making waffles together a few nights ago was so fun. We got this waffle maker and batter dispenser from Wayfair a few weeks ago, and we all look forward to waffle nights. Is it hard to clean up? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely.

We've also been spicing up our mornings with hearty breakfasts to get us through crazy mornings. Sometimes I'll look at the clock, and it's already noon. Shoot! Did I feed Neda? We should have eaten breakfast. My coffee is ice cold! We LOVE this egg scramble. It has everything delicious and is super easy to make. I love that we can make it in one pan (our Le Creuset cast iron pan), and you can serve it in that, too. We've mustered up the courage to host friends at our house again (after a six-month Neda hiatus), and this is on the menu for brunch next week!

Also, I upgraded our measuring spoons, something I should have done years ago. Our old measuring spoons were hand-me-downs that were hand-me-downs to their previous owner. They were bent and flimsy. Something so simple has sparked a lot of kitchen joy the past few weeks.

That's the motto of everything right now, really. Small changes that bring a smile. We need those smiles right now. It's such an anxious time. Hang in there; sending you lots of love <3

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