Our Neutral Nursery

Thursday, August 22, 2019

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was really overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together a registry and nursery. I avoided it for months and months, refusing to "nest" well into my third trimester. I thought that if we were prepared, baby would somehow know and feel welcomed to come early, but if I ignored it all, I'd buy us some time (you're right, that makes no sense). But when the potential of an early delivery surprised us a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and get started that next weekend...

Since we only have two bedrooms, one of our priorities was to keep a double bed in that room, for guests in the future and for us in case we need it after transitioning the baby from our room to his or hers after a few months. We kept the same bed and West Elm bedding we had in our guest room, but we added a new headboard to spruce things up.

We went back and forth on whether to get a glider, but we ultimately decided to wait and see if it's necessary. Instead, we're using a comfy armchair that used to be in our living room with this Moroccan pouf I'd wanted for years but had no reason to get until now.

As with everything for this baby, I've wanted to meld our two cultures as much as possible (the boy name we have picked out is equally Irish and Persian, and I love the meaning in both languages... I wonder if we'll get to use it!), and I adore this print from an Irish artist, which we had framed by our friends at Framed and Matted. The print says "Animals come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They can't speak to us, though that's no reason not to be nice to them." I hope Mooshi understands the underlying social justice issues we're referencing there ;)

We've tried to keep things as neutral and simple as possible. I know that once I know the sex and meet our babe I'll go overboard and fill this room with too many things, but for now I'm loving how calm the space feels. I also like that so many pieces will last us a long time. Like this beautiful neutral crib, which can be used as a toddler bed, our beloved first Persian rug and bookshelves that Brian made — filled with books from dear family and friends. I didn't want the room to feel too baby, I want it to be a space that can keep its character but grow with our family.

My favorite thing in this room is the personal touches. I love that Brian made the shelves, a sweet mouse print (Mooshi means mouse in Farsi ;) illustrated by my best friend's mom, a fox stuffed animal knitted by Brian's aunt (she also made us the most darling sweater), a quilt that was embroidered by a close family friend, a blanket from another friend's mom, my friend Kate crocheted us the cutest mouse lovie. So many people care for our little Moosh, and I plan on keeping these treasures for decades and decades. The most important thing in our lives are the people that are in them, and I'm humbled and glad to see that every time I'm in this room.

Since I'll likely be signing off on here for a bit, I wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words, support, encouraging comments and the general love you’ve shown throughout my pregnancy. The past nine months have been so surreal and the fact that our baby is almost here feels like a dream. I can’t wait to share this next chapter of my life with all of you!

Other products, in case you're wondering ;)

(This post was sponsored by Wayfair, which gifted us our pouf and crib. We also received complimentary framing from Framed & Matted. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)


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