A Gift from Ali and Oli (& 9 weeks!!!)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We're in the single digits of weeks, people! 40 weeks seemed so long in January, and now that we're less than nine away (maybe? Who really knows), it feels like no time at all. Mooshi got a gift in the mail from friends at Ali and Oli, and I wanted to share them here because they're so cute. I joked on Instagram Stories that I want to use the fork and spoon myself, but I'm not really joking ;) This little babe is already so spoiled, and while I'm terribly anxious about the weeks ahead and then actually having a baby to raise, I'm also overwhelmingly excited. Nothing else seems to matter these days, I just want to meet our babe <3

Here's what we got: utensils, pacifier clip, teether toy, bibs. Thanks again, Ali and Oli!

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