Bits and Pieces

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hello from (finally!!!) sunny Chicago! It's a Sunday evening, and I wish I could sit in this space for as long as possible. Half Sunday scaries, intimidated about the week ahead, other part also Sunday scaries, just not wanting this relaxing weekend to end. Last week (a short week as we were on vacation in Arizona still on Monday, mind you) was rough. Chasing a long list of work deadlines that crept up on me, with a number of other commitments I couldn't move around, I was running on empty. On Wednesday night I broke down to poor Brian. It's likely hormones, but looking through our calendar for every week for the near future, I was overwhelmed with everything going on and everything we have to figure out before our babe arrives. But, as he always reminds me, it's all good things — seeing people we love, prepping for our biggest undertaking together yet, going to jobs we enjoy — and for that I am very grateful.

This weekend was a great reset. We spent as much time outdoors as we could, I went to brunch with friends here and here,  Brian made the most amazing homemade everything bagels, I went on a long bike ride along the lake and couldn't have been happier to be pedaling by the water with the breeze in my hair, I made chicken curry, Brian came home this afternoon with the most delicious rose, cardamom, dark chocolate latte for me from here (best latte I've ever, ever had), BRIAN FELT THE BABY KICK FOR THE FIRST TIME (I buried the lede! How did I just remember this?!)! There was organizing, cleaning, laundry. We're ready for Monday, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I'm chipper about it.

Lots of photos from life lately below. Highlights: running an 8K in my best time yet (with our little Moosh inside me!), my dad's 60th birthday festivities, which included a very serious Boston cream donut taste test, a baby shower, a girl's weekend, date nights and lots of sweet friends <3

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