Our New Water Bottles!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

As someone who can't stand clutter and is constantly embracing the magic of tidying up, it's surprising that if you open up the cupboard above our fridge, you'll be welcomed with a collection of water bottles and portable coffee cups as far as your eyes can see. An assortment that has withstood every monthly donation drop off, a selection apparently so near and dear that I get frustrated when Brian leaves one at work too long (but girl, you have 20 more!). They come in all shapes, colors and sizes (truly, 8-64 ounces and everything in between, I've got you). But, alas, the bottle to supersede all bottles arrived in the mail a few weeks ago.

B and I were gifted Infuze water bottles, and we've been thoroughly impressed so far (and, I'm telling you, we know our bottles). The water stays cold all day, and the bottle has a vessel that can hold liquid flavoring (which, Infuze offers, too). The bottle mixes the flavor with your water as you drink, and the backflow preventer stops the flavor from entering your bottle. You can turn the dial to adjust the flavor intensity. I really like the lemon-lime flavor, it tastes like candy (zero-calorie, electrolyte candy).

We're going hiking in Arizona later this month, and I'm excited to take them with us. While we have a lot of bottles, most have been too heavy or too small to pack, so we've always stocked up with plastic bottles at a nearby gas station before starting our adventure. These are large but light (Brian's holds 32 ounces!), so they'll be perfect.

(This post was sponsored by Infuze Hydration. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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