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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I'm a big etiquette nerd and love all things politesse (like, making eye contract while toasting and tilting your spoon away), so it's not surprising that I have a drawer full of evergreen stationary that I use liberally. When someone does something for you, hosts you, thinks of you, I think it's such a nice gesture to write a handwritten note in return thank you, your kindness was very much appreciated. But I also might send cards too often. I have a family friend who I started sending a birthday card to a few years ago. He told my parents it brightened his spirits, so I started sending a Christmas one, an Iranian New Year one and one for his wife's birthday, too. Thinking I'm an avid card enthusiast (which I am!), he now sends me cards for every holiday — Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Easter... nothing goes unaddressed. It's funny, but it's also so sweet <3 

I'm always on the hunt for personalized stationary, and I love some new pieces I ordered from Basic Invite. There are hundreds of options for everything (evergreen, holidays, special occasions), and they're all easily customizable. I ordered my stationary sets on my phone on the train on my way to work. It was super easy (with the exception of narrowing down my five favorites).

There are 180 different color options for everything (and foil, my favorite!), so you can make everything exactly how you want it, and 40 different colored envelopes. You can also ask for custom samples to be sent before printing your order, and there's an addressing capturing service that allows you to request your friends and family's addresses by connecting your Basic Invite account with any social media channel. I hadn't heard of Basic Invite when we were getting married or when I was graduating, but I wish I had (look at these chic graduation invitations!). 

Like custom framing, I've made the mistake of custom invitations in the past, and it's a costly mistake. If you're looking for cute, affordable, personal invitations, stationary or cards, I can't recommend Basic Invite enough. Even if you're not sure what you want or need, the site's inspiration gallery is the perfect place to start.

P.S. Basic Invite is offering readers 15% off with code 15FF51.

(This post was sponsored by Basic Invite. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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