2018, A Year in Review

Saturday, January 5, 2019

A week into 2019, I'm better understanding 2018, why we needed it, what it did for us. 2018 was the year I'd been working towards and yearning for for a few years, and I look back at it proudly, fondly. In fact, I liked it so much, on a New Year's Eve run where I had the Lakeshore path to myself for miles, I got emotional at the thought of it ending, of new beginnings when I'm content with how things are going.

Looking back, I see why I didn't want to let this one go, it was a good one. I set a freelance goal for the year, and I nearly doubled it. I told myself it'd be nice to be able to run eight miles at a decent pace, I ran 10. I found a new job, the exact job I was looking for (and, in the process, surprised myself and turned down a job at my dream company). I traveled, I witnessed so much love, I pushed myself, I slowed down, I lived with intention, I let things go, I grew, I lived in a house that felt more like home than ever before with a husband I adore, and I'm still in shock regularly that both are mine.

It had its dark moments, of course, but overall it was one to hold on to. A year that showed me how much I can do. A year that stretched me thin but showed me potential. Another year with so many people and places I don't deserve but am so grateful to be surrounded with. A year that even when the glass was half empty (and, despite the gloating, there were several half-empty glasses), I was better at seeing the other side, of understanding what's outside my control and living in the moment because of it.

2018 set the groundwork, and it's the foundation we'll need going into 2019. This year will ask a lot of us, I can already tell, but we're ready for it because of years like 2018. We're going to have a beautiful year, and I'm excited to prioritize, focus and really make the most of it all.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet and for letting me share with you. I'm not sure what this space will look like this year, but I'm thankful it exists and has documented the past five years of my life. A few of my favorite 2018 moments below.

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