Hi! And a Celebratory Dinner

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I haven't been very good at popping in here lately. I mean to, and I like to, but days (weeks? months?) keep getting ahead of me. A big part of it is adjusting to a new job. As someone who needs a routine and flourishes in familiarity, starting with a new company (especially when it's getting cold outside and the days are getting shorter) or any new venture always sets me back. Anything that isn't a must (sleep...eat...) has been falling behind since August.

I wanted to pop in here and say hi, though! Hi! How are you? Anything exciting going on? Last weekend, to celebrate my new job, B and I went to dinner with our parents. It's an Iranian tradition to give friends and family around you that support you a treat or gift after big, positive life events (changing jobs, buying a house, getting into college, etc.), and I chose a much-anticipated night at Chicago Cut. The tradition is called soot, and it can be something as simple and small as a donut for your best friend.

It was such a nice night with those that mean the most to me (it reminded me of this dinner a few years ago), and I'm so grateful for their support during everything, big or small. This has been an exciting year for me professionally, and I've had these cheerleaders making sure I hear their support through it all. Lots of more soots to come with this group, I hope <3

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