A Week of Work Outfits!

Monday, October 29, 2018

I've mentioned a few times now that I recently started a new job. With it, have come some lifestyle changes — I now wake up at 6, not 8 (remember how I went to work an hour late at my old job for two years and no one told me?); I have a separate work phone, plus I recently got a new personal phone — and it took some time to transfer my train tickets from one phone to the other — so for a bit I was carrying around three iPhones everywhere, ha!; and, the biggest change, I have to dress up for work. 

I haven't been one for dressing up the past few years. I frequent quick errands in my pajama pants despite my husband's wishes and prefer jeans and a sweatshirt (albeit, a cute sweatshirt, OK?) over anything. Most mornings I grab whatever I see first, as long as it doesn't have to be ironed, and go with it. But I wasn't always like this. In middle school and high school, I'd plan my whole week of outfits on Sunday. I'd write everything out, along with the accessories and purse that would accompany it (switching purse contents from one to another almost nightly, guys), and notes for the hairstyle and eyeshadow I thought would compliment the look best. I was (as always) over the top. And am likely still burned out. 

When I first found out about the dress code at my new job, I feared I'd have nothing to wear after eight years of working in casual work environments — my last office was the type to encourage ripped jeans and flipflops. But, after looking through my closet, I realized I have dozens of tops, bottoms and dresses that will work perfectly (we're on week nine and no outfit repeats despite two closet cleanouts — a minimalist maximalist through and through). All I needed were a few new staples to make everything work. 

I documented five outfits in 10 seconds before rushing out the door last week as a sort of diary. I didn't plan the outfits in advance and, as always, scrambled to get ready in 10 minutes, but I looked forward to putting looks together and might make this a series to see how much of my closet I can take advantage of — if I don't want to wear it and snap a quick pic, there's no use keeping it.

So, here are the five outfits!

Mondays are the hardest day to do any and everything. This ADAY outfit is a Monday lifesaver. These pants are seriously the comfier than my trustiest leggings, and the top (which can be worn backwards or forwards) goes with everything. There's a reason there's a 2,000 waitlist for some ADAY products (all of which are made from plant-based materials). Full disclosure, I was gifted this outfit. Full disclosure, I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. I've never felt anything like those pants. // ADAY cardigan, J.Crew top (old), ADAY pants, Target mules

Tuesdays are... interesting. Perhaps TMI, but I typically wash and blow dry my hair on Saturday night because we're doing something or going somewhere that requires real pants and some blush. My hair's so dry these days, I try to shampoo it every two-three days, but by Tuesday it's looking rough. Tuesdays have to be a ponytail day (I mean, writing this, I just realized I guess I could just wash my hair?), so I wear something a little more fun to get the attention away from my scalp and onto my statement necklace. // J.Crew dress (old), J.Crew sweater blazer, Seychelles booties

Like I said, I've been going to the back of my closet and taking advantage of things I already own. Everything in this outfit is eight years old. I bought a bunch of "work attire" after I graduated, only to rarely use them. They're finally getting their turn — and my sweater was my first Christmas gift from my in-laws! // Ann Taylor sweater (old), J.Crew pants (old), ModCloth heels (old)

On Thursdays I typically need a boost. Friday's so close, yet so far away. So, I spice things up with more daring combinations (for a very corporate environment) and favorite items. These Jeffrey Campbell motorcycle booties were a splurge five years ago, and they sat untouched for years out of fear of not being cool enough to wear them. These days I pull them out whether it works with the outfit or not. That gold heel was meant to be shown off. // J.Crew shirt (old), Madewell dress (old), Jeffrey Campbell booties (old)

A few coworkers have decided to wear jeans on Fridays in hopes of others joining the effort, but I'm too new and too scared! So, cozy sweater dresses it is. My mom bought me this dress (and these boots!) last winter, and I always get tons of compliments on it. I love the length and bell sleeves. Should you be interested in it, definitely size down. // Madewell dress, Sam Edelman boots

There are a few more looks I want to snap, so I think I'll do this again before the year ends. I'm wearing this Aritzia blouse and these J.Crew pants today, and I'm loving how both fit. These pants are hiding allll the weekend indulgences.

I'm so very open to your suggestions for work attire — tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, please! I'm quite new to this and need tips :)

P.S.  Would love to chat makeup at work, too. I don't wear it (other than lipstick) because I workout during lunch and feel like the sweat-foundation combination would lead to breakouts, and I rub my eyes too often to put anything on them (to be honest, I don't really know how to apply eyeliner). But I sometimes feel self conscious about my bare, baby face. Is everyone else out there wearing makeup to the office? This sounds silly, but could I be holding myself back without it?


  1. I've never worn makeup in my professional career, and it hasn't seemed to prevent me from getting anything I've wanted. I was talking to some women at lunch about this one day and they were all saying how they regret wearing full makeup because now they have to do it every single day or else people give them weird looks or say they look tired. Honestly, I could not tell from your pictures that you aren't wearing makeup — you look great! Keep rocking your beautiful face!

    1. It's nice to hear someone else doesn't (and that you can't tell on me! ;) And I think so many people can relate to the women you spoke with. My friends have said people have said the same things to them! It's crazy how entitled people feel to say whatever they want.

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