On Turning 30 (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Last night at dinner I was telling B about my newfound confidence since turning 30 (and he was doing his best to not roll his eyes, bless him). I feel so good in this space. Every space. Even the darker ones, I feel like I can hold them and stare at them instead of forcing them down. I feel happier, luckier, prouder than ever before, and for someone who desperately craves control, in possession of it.

On New Year's Eve Brian deemed this year the year of personal responsibility (I proudly proclaimed it the year of sandwiches, and it hasn't lived up to my expectations yet) —if you want something, you have to work towards it, no more whining in our house (2017 was particularly whiny). So, with that, I set three goals — one work, one freelance, one fitness. Every week (eh... almost every week) I've forced myself to make a conscious effort towards reaching those goals, and I've realized how much is possible. You can do so much, big or small, if you want to do it. There will always be barriers of course, but I used to let those barriers carry too much weight. I also let failure get in the way of trying something. My rationale was that if I put effort towards it and it doesn't work, I'll be upset, but if I don't even try, we won't know the outcome — perhaps I could succeed.

The other thing I've learned is that you don't have to do it all. I actually wrote on this for Talkspace earlier this year. It's OK to ask for help. It's OK to divide responsibilities. It's not a sign of weakness. I've become more comfortable asking B to make dinner or pick up the dry cleaning although those are typically my responsibilities because there are days where adding those two little things to my to-do list might break me. We also recently hired someone to clean our house monthly. Taking on more freelance work has meant chasing deadlines on the weekends. In this season of my life I'd rather grow that business than spend that time on something someone else can help me with. It's a privilege, but everything's a give and take, and I've learned I have choices and don't have to take it all on by myself.

This likely isn't wisdom at all, but feeling an ounce wiser is a nice complement to having to be an ounce older. And with me being a year older, the blog is a year older — 5! I say this every year but one of the best parts of this space is the cool people and companies I've gotten to know through it. Wonderful, sweet, AMAZINGLY talented Joanne from Arnold & Bird sent me the coloring page above from my 30th birthday. I love how happy we look and think it's the perfect image for this stage of my life. B says we should have colored it before framing it, but I'm saving that for a rainy day. Or long flight.

To celebrate my blog's birthday Joanne is giving one reader a planner pad and motivational notebook to help you reach your goals (I also love this little inspirational pad to focus on the positive). Year of personal responsibility, people! Let's make the last four months count!

The giveaway will close at midnight CT on Friday, October 12. Open to all readers (not just U.S.!). One randomly selected winner will be notified by email. Good luck!!!

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