Block Party!

Friday, August 24, 2018

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm between jobs and taking two weeks for some r&r, and what I knew would happen and feared would happen is happening — I don't want it to end. I'm excited for what's next, but I'm loving these slow, easy days. Per my friend Jessica's recommendation, I've gotten super into Terrace House and feel good about the neglected list of things I'm finally getting around to (even if it means giving an entire paycheck I'm not making to the cobbler...).

Last week was our block's annual block party, which felt like a kickoff to my staycation. It's something our neighbors take very, very seriously! The planning meetings start in the winter (B was on the party committee last year but didn't feel he could take on the responsibilities this year because they're  no joke)! We actually saw our place exactly two years ago, a weekend after the block party had occurred. Sitting on the curb, confused about what to do next, we ran into a couple that lived in the building and asked them a bunch of questions. They told us about the block party, and we were amazed. It's the perfect example of the small-town feel of this little neighborhood, which we love so much.

We invited some friends to join us last weekend, and we had so much fun eating and drinking on the street all day. The party starts in the morning with a bike parade and people are still dancing in the street around midnight. We love this tradition and look forward to it as soon as it feels like summer.

B and my friend Kelly beat more than 50 people in the egg toss competition, which is arguably the biggest deal of the day. They were treated like royalty and everyone wants to know their secret (soft hands and teamwork, they say). On the other hand, of surprise to nobody, my friend Nicole and I got dead last.


There are activities all day (volleyball, bags, bounce houses, a water slide, dunk tank, face painting, pinatas), and my favorite is the cake walk. Have you heard of it? Numbered squares are laid out in a circle. Tickets are sold and people walk around the path in time to music, which plays for a bit and then stops. A number is called out, and the person standing on the square with that number wins a cake. Hoorah!


These kids! Ha! One of the reasons we were so excited to move to this neighborhood was the family feel. Growing up we'd spend all day riding bikes and having lemonade stands outside our house. While it's a bit different in the city, the kids on our block get to make those memories (albeit, more supervised) and it's really nice to see. Maybe we can make this work in the future...


I love how into dunking her husband Nick Kelly was :) 

Such a fun day with such fun people. I know you know this, but I really, really love summer in this city.

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