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Monday, August 20, 2018

Life has been feeling incredibly speedy lately. We don't let ourselves sit still too long in the summer, and while it makes time whiz by, the weeks are packed with so many fun adventures, it's hard to regret it. I love these sticky, humid days and miss them so much when they're gone. Lucky for me, I'm between jobs right now, so I have TWO WEEKS to savor summertime Chicago with no responsibilities. Something I'm taking very seriously — it's 2pm, and I'm in my pajamas, whoopsies. I've made a short list of things I want to do (get burgers and ice cream here, check out some furniture here, visit this bookstore, try this chocolate cake) and things I have to do to get ready for my next gig, but overall I'm excited to play each day by ear. I'm taking my brother back-to-school shopping tomorrow and have a hair appointment Wednesday, so you could even say I'm busy ;)

Below are some iPhone pics from recent moments if you care to see. Hope you're taking it easy wherever you are <3

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