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Friday, May 25, 2018

It's officially that time of the year where weeks start to blur, and weekends are jam-packed and go by in a flash (but remember how slowwwww January-April felt?). We're on the road again this afternoon and have my little brother's high school graduation later this weekend (WHAT? HOW?). I love this time of the year, the milestones we're celebrating and the people we're spending them with. Driving to work this morning, I had my body flung out the window screaming "I LOVE SUMMER" because I do. So much. 

We spent last weekend in Milwaukee celebrating my sister's grad school graduation and toasting her journey as she starts her PhD (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Super, super smart, talented, all-around-amazing people, these siblings of mine <3 

This pic has become a tradition of sorts, I wonder if my brother will allow it this weekend :) Here's my sister's from her undergrad ceremony. 

We ended the weekend with the most delicious brunch at Bodegon, complete with cocktails and fruity pebble pancakes. I can't get over my mom's style — how her glasses match her earrings, her glowy cheeks, her coral nails. Perfection.

Congratulations, Shabz!!! We couldn't be prouder of the future Dr. Nikravan <3

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