The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift...

Thursday, February 1, 2018

I've never been big into Valentine's Day. It's so unnecessary to me, and (more) truthfully, I'm still having nightmares from my first with a serious boyfriend. We were 19 and bribed his older brother to buy us a bottle of wine, which we shared on the floor of my college dorm, eating cold kabobs out of styrofoam to-go containers while watching Real World. My roommate was in the room, too. I ended up getting really sick for some reason and spent the rest of the night vomiting in the girl's bathroom having friends take turns taking care of me and other girls joining me to puke after their indulgent evenings throughout the night. It was terrible. And my family surprised me on campus the next morning. And didn't know about my boyfriend. It was a total disaster. 

A couple of years later I met the cutest tax accountant who's unfortunately a slave to the man this time of year, so we've always pushed V Day aside (besides, again, it's super dumb). But B always manages to get the sweetest little gift (last year I got him pajama pants that match our sheets, I'm also a romantic). A few years ago he got me a print that says "Come sit inside this tent and eat a snack like probably cheese" that he said he saw months before and instantly thought it was made for me (truth!!!) I love it so much. It's hanging by our bed, and it makes me so happy every time I see it. 

Prints and cards make the perfect gift (we have a few cards framed around our place, there are such great ones here). Finding the right one for someone (or, hey, yourself) feels like you've hit the jackpot. I recently got this print for our bathroom, and I'm obsessed with it. Brian and I have had countless conversations about what it means to be in love, whether soulmates exist, inevitable life after death, and this simple print is the perfect summation of so many of our thoughts.

It's no secret that we love Framed & Matted and got this print framed by them as well. We got a colored mat for the first time, which makes the print pop more, and I wish we had incorporated that into our living room gallery wall

We love Framed & Matted for lots of reasons. First, there are dozens of frames and matting options to choose from, and the process is less intimidating and more accessible than other framing experiences because all the options are up to you, and you make decisions in the comfort of your own home. Second, the prices are reasonable and they promise speedy turnaround time. Third, every part of the process is customizable. We have a photo in our hallway that we wanted a unique size mat around, and Framed & Matted made our image come to life. We've been customers for some time and have nothing but good things to say :) 

So, this Valentine's Day, if you're looking for a little gift that means a lot and lasts forever, I'd start looking for the perfect print and get it framed by Framed & Matted. This print would look so cute with their double matting, blush pink and white ;) 

(This post was sponsored by Framed & Matted. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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