A New Valentine's Tradition...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

For someone who really doesn't care about Valentine's Day, I've sure been posting a lot about it!

I wanted to share a new tradition Brian and I started this year and hope to continue for many years to come. Since we always like to get each other something small for V Day, we decided to start buying each other a book every year, something we think the other will enjoy. I got B this one, and he got me this (with a sweet note written on the first page that broke me <3). We haven't read either ourselves, but I'm confident our research led to good picks. B said he read mine has stories that "stick in your head for days" — right up my alley.

We've also discussed doing a book swap in the past. We're always telling each other about the books we're reading (every night I've been filling Brian in on this one), but a book takes you an such an epic inner journey, it's almost impossible to share with someone who hasn't read it too (like when you try to retell a dream out loud, another daily occurrence around here). Anyway, would love to swap a few favorites with B sometime.

But for now, I love this new tradition and can't wait to read my book and for the collection we'll grow over time. I love you, Brian Lee Hayes.


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