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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's seriously hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away and that there are only a handful of days left in the office this year. We're heading to the suburbs for a couple of weeks next week, and I'm so excited to snuggle by the fire, play games and eat a million sugar cookies. I've been super into the holidays this year, listening to this on repeat and turning our Christmas tree lights on the second I get home (I can't figure out the timer situation, it's driving me nuts!). I also had all of our gifts for family and friends bought by Thanksgiving in anticipation ;) I even wrapped them, which I hate doing and usually negotiate with B that I'll buy the gifts if he wraps them.

In case you're still on the hunt for the perfect gift I've partnered with Shutterfly to show you some of my favorite items. I love personalized items, but they can feel a bit tacky. Not these, though. I'd honestly love anything in the list below. We were eating dinner the other night and I had the gifts by the table. Brian asked me if I wished I had my sister's name so I could steal the makeup bag. Yes, yes I do ;) 


My dad is by far the easiest person to shop for. He starts hinting at ideas on December 26 and loves all the finer things in life. This marble cheese board and beer glass are perfect for him. This man is good at many, many things, but the perfect charcuterie board (and wine/beer pairing) is high on the list. 


When brainstorming for my mom I always think of two things: something sentimental (she loves family photos from the past year, making personalized calendars a perfect gift for her) or something she'd love but never buy for herself (she's always buying us splurge items but refuses to do the same for herself!). This glass print from our trip to Croatia in July is elegant, simple and something I know she'll love having in the family room. 


When shopping for my sister I just buy what I want for myself ;) This canvas makeup bag is so cute, and even at nearly 30 I get so excited to see our names on things since we didn't have that luxury with unique names as kids.


For my brother I think of practical things. For example, his phone is always dead, so this one was a no-brainer. I have and love this portable charger (it charges your phone in 20 minutes), and I love, love, love this new travel-themed design. He's going to college next year, and I know multiples of things like chargers will come in handy. 


It always surprises people that in our house, B is the sappy one when it comes to the material stuff. I love throwing things away and keeping things as minimalist maximalist as possible ;) but B hoards, you guys (and hoards hard). We realized the other day that we don't have any wedding photos anywhere but one in our bedroom, so I bought this one for him for the living room. I love the rustic frame and that the photo is printed on card stock, it gives it a classic touch. It's a little addition to our space but one we've been so happy to see every day.

Happy gift giving!!!

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