November Goals

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

With the new year just a few months away, I've been making little notes here and there about what I'd love to personally get out of 2018 and beyond, especially since I'll be turning the big 30 this coming year (eek!). I'm actually excited for this big milestone approaching, for what I've accomplished so far in my life and for the chance to reflect on how my life will look in my 30s and in the future. Its led to serious conversations lately, but I'm slowly getting comfortable with the unknowns of the future and accepting the fact that my 21-year-old 2 am vodka cranberry karaoke nights are behind me (I was never very good at them anyway).

Knowing its just two months until 2018, I've already been working towards daily changes to prioritize a happier and healthier me, to put my physical and mental wellbeing at the top of my list of things to take care of. I'm going to set little goals each month (in October I created a workout calendar that went well ... for the most part...), and in November those goals are to not drink any alcohol or eat any desserts. My diet has been extra terrible lately, so I need this reset. I'm not cutting out sugar entirely (like, I ate a sugary granola bar for breakfast, whatever), but all of those processed treats I so, so, so enjoy, and all the soda, too. I think I'll have to give myself a cheat day on Thanksgiving (Brian was quick to remind me of the fancy, special wine my dad will open and how much I'd enjoy it, and the pies! Oh, the pies!), but only if I've earned it ;)

I'd love it if you joined me! My friend Margaret's on board, and I'm gonna need that solidarity sister every time I walk past my favorite candy store on my way home. Whatcha think, super inspiring or super lame? ;)

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