Monday, October 9, 2017


I go back and forth on how much I want to share here and what I want to focus on (and on whether to even keep this little blog more often than you can imagine), but I've ultimately decided to keep it a positive space, a place to focus on what I am blessed with rather than what I do not have or what I am struggling with. It helps me find joy in my day-to-day, even though of course there are terrible days and things that are disorienting, emotional and hard to navigate.

It's funny, I think that while we know social media and blogs don't show everything, we forget sometimes when scrolling through our feeds. Does everyone know how to cook chicken? Does no one else bicker with their husband? Is everyone always on vacation in Portugal? And then you snap out of it and realize that everyone has their struggles. Everyone. Behind the scenes there are career challenges, breakups, depression, anxiety, illness, financial difficulties, loss, loneliness, awkwardness, period cramps ... and that's OK. It's comforting, really. Like we're all in this together.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the forum for me to share about my specific struggles or if I'm strong enough to lay it all out (vacation recaps are just so much easier), but Brian and I ran a 5K for mental health awareness on Saturday, and since this is an important cause to me, I wanted to share this: Mental illnesses are illnesses, and no less real or medical for their categorization as a "mental" illness. They're not made up, not all in your head; Their symptoms are real and their manifestations can be physical as much as behavioral. So if you think you've got one, go talk to your doctor. Ask for help. See a therapist. Don't let the stigma of mental illnesses stop you from doing what you need to do to feel better.

Also, sidenote, Brian (with a stomach bug, no less!) placed fifth overall and first in his age group. It was a little race, but I was happy to get third for mine ;) This was my first real run since my injury seven months ago, and I'm so relieved to be feeling nearly normal again. It was a frustrating time, and I'm hoping some of the things I've learned can help prevent it from happening again. Like every year after the Chicago Marathon, I'm inspired to taking running more seriously and run longer distances (like five miles, ha!), we'll see if that lasts ;)

Have a great week and be kind to one another xoxo

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