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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This past Sunday was one of the most relaxing days in months. It was such a treat. I feel like I'm always writing this, and there's a whole "busy" phenomena, but things really have been especially chaotic around here lately. We swore we'd take it easy this summer and fall — we're not planning a wedding! Or moving! Or trying to fill an empty space with the best credenza the Internet can offer, so, we must chill. But chill we have not been. I've picked up extra freelance work and Brian's work deadlines have kept him spending most of his hours, and meals, at his cubicle. Cooking hasn't been top of mind, so the fridge has been especially bare. 

This Sunday, after chilling hard (changed out of pj's at 4pm....) we knew we should go to the grocery store, but we really didn't want to. This spot is delicious and around the corner, so we both mentally hoped the other would suggest it, but after a night of extreme over-indulgence the night before, we both also knew it wasn't the smartest choice. 

So, we decided to try Eat Purely. We've been wanting to for some time since the company reached out, but I've been a bit hesitant because earlier this year I was offered to try another healthy food delivery option, and I did, but I couldn't go through with my contract to promote it. The food was bland, and while the menu was vast, I struggled to find anything I liked all week. 

I wish we hadn't waited so long. Eat Purely was truly the opposite experience. Each day Eat Purely chefs (who are based in Chicago's West Loop) use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a diverse range of restaurant-quality meals and sides. You download the app and select from a daily rotating menu of locally-sourced meals. You can order on demand or schedule up to a week in advance. Then Eat Purely delivers your meals chilled so everything stays fresh. A few minutes in the oven or microwave and dinner is ready! 

The meals never rely on excess salt, fat or refined sugars and are made without chemicals, preservatives or GMOs. Brian's extremely skeptical when it comes to these types of things (not that they will have GMOs, more so that they won't taste nearly as good as the greasy burger he'd rather have), but he's also hooked. There are very few, if any, companies that are making healthy food taste good while sourcing things in a responsible way. We're so excited to have found a company that does that in Chicago. 

We ordered three meals (squash and truffle rigatoni, BBQ chicken salad and Cuban steak) and two desserts (chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate pudding). We heated up the steak in the oven for a few minutes and then took everything to the park around the block for a little date night :)

Like, case-in-point: I'm not a salad eater at all. Not only do I never order it, I usually can't get through the whole thing when served to me as a first course, but this BBQ chicken one is a game changer. I think it was my favorite of the three dishes! That or Brian's steak. So, so good. 

These cookies (which we dipped in the pudding like the glutenous geniuses we are) are PHENOMENAL. Delivery's free, so I can seriously see myself ordering just these on a whim all winter. They were some of the best cookies I've ever had. And, again, Brian goes into these types of things extremely skeptical but agreed that these cookies were AMAZING (and finished the pudding I was planning on taking for lunch the next day, but whatever, it's fine). 

I'm hesitant with made to order meals. but Eat Purely is honestly carry out's biggest nightmare. It's affordable, healthy and filling, with only the best quality ingredients. Options change on a daily basis, so there's so much variety. When you're exhausted from a long day or want a quick meal without all the effort of cooking this will not break the bank and can be delivered on your terms. 

If you live or work in Chicago, try it out with $20 off with code MAKETHEMOST. No strings attached, just dinner on B and me :) Download the app and check out this week's meals (scroll up to see the options for each day)! 

(This post was sponsored by Eat Purely. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)

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