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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brian and I have taken turns being sick every week for the past month-plus. We just can't shake it off! In the past, I would have pushed through deadlines and dinners I had scheduled, but I'm realizing the importance of slowing down, so I've been laying low most of the week. Besides the fact that it helps kick the sickness much quicker (until it comes back again a week later, ha!), it's a nice to reminder that it's OK to give myself a break every now and again. I want to lean into all the comfort foods this weekend (is it just me or is eating healthily when you're feeling under-the-weather so unappealing?) and am looking forward to catching up on neglected shows. Also, our apartment building is having an Oktoberfest party on our patio on Saturday, and mostly I want to feel better to take full advantage of all the yummy things at that! ;)

Below are some iPhone pics from recent moments if you care to see! Hope you're having a good week and not buried in Kleenex like me <3

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