Saugatuck, Michigan (WITH THE BOYS!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Guys, I am currently having a day, and it's making me wish it was last weekend when I was in Michigan with my loves. On my way to work this morning  (late, naturally) I smelled pasta salad (what I had packed for lunch, in my lunch bag, right next to me) on the train and thought, "Strange! Someone smells like pasta salad ... my pasta salad," but went back to my book. Only to realize after getting off the train that my pasta salad had leaked all over my lunch bag, onto my lap, purse, pants and shirt. The day has been blah since, and I'm still a smelly, oily mess. 

But last weekend! It was such a nice weekend. We spent it in Saugatuck, Michigan, hiking, sailing, but mostly eating. It's an annual trip we do as a group of girls, but we decided to let the boys join this time :)

We arrived on Friday night, and our first stop Saturday morning was Saugatuck Dunes State Park, where it felt like we were hiking in quicksand. 

We had The Farmhouse Deli for lunch, which has become a trip staple. Last time I got the belly buster sandwich (rightfully named), but this time I couldn't resist the salad sampler because a meal based on samples is the best meal.

That afternoon we went sailing, where I got very, very seasick (still snapped a few photos before my body gave up on me, though!). I get shivers thinking about how queasy I felt. Brian was a natural captain, but I don't think a sailboat is in our future.

We had dinner at The Southerner that night, the cutest yellow boathouse by the water. I wasn't feeling well enough to have a cocktail, but I want to go back next time for a few :)

We went home and roasted s'mores (with Kit Kats instead of plain chocolate, isn't that genius????) over the biggest fire. At first the fire wouldn't start (everything was wet from the sprinklers randomly turning on!), but once it did it was magical.

The only picture from Sunday, whoops! Love these ladies of mine <3

No matter how much we love Chicago, sometimes it just feels really good to get out of the city. Getting away with the sweetest friends doesn't hurt either :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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