Another Blind Pilot Concert :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Last Thursday we saw Blind Pilot in concert and of course it was incredible and perfect in every way (it always is). Concerts apparently make me emotional (whoops, whoops, cried like a baby at James Taylor earlier this summer), but I was nothing but giddy at this one (B says I'm passionate about many things, but I may not be the #1 fan for all those things; but he says when it comes to Blind Pilot, #1 for sure. Also, candy). Maybe it was the wine... We have photos from every BP concert we've been to, so our love is well documented ;)

P.S. This Blind Pilot song was our first dance song. I remember listening to it while studying for finals my senior year of college, and I can't believe that was more than seven years ago.

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