Happy 4th Birthday, Blog! + a GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I turn 29 this week, and guys, as someone who's not at all into birthdays, I'm excited about this one. I feel really content with everything in my life right now, and after years of growing pains (emotionally, physically shy of 5'3" for life) and struggling to understand things, perfect things, control things in my early and mid 20s, I feel like I've finally figured a few things out, or have at least come to understand myself, appreciate myself for all of the good and the bad, just in time to enjoy the last year of this decade.

With my birthday comes an anniversary for the blog (4! which I truly can't believe). I go back and forth often on whether I want to keep this up, but as I click through archives and look at everything I've documented (like when B and I moved in together, got married, and even this not so great time), I realize how thankful I am for this little corner of the Internet and all the memories it holds. In coming months I want to focus more on this space and bring a lot more to it. More adventures, more random photos, more recipes, more thoughts, more perspectives. I want to push myself to do more and do it better, here and in life, and I hope when I look back before next year's anniversary, that shows.

I've said this numerous times before, but of the best parts about this blog is the connections I've made through it. It's unbelievable. This year more than any other I've gotten sweet comments and emails, and collaborated with businesses I admire and feel so fortunate to work with. It's a perk I'm so grateful for and one I don't at all take for granted.

Like this! A sweet, talented, inspirational artist named Madeline reached out a few weeks ago and offered to do a giveaway after drawing a photo of B and me at our wedding anniversary getaway (look at the original! the drawing is spot. on.) as a gift. I was so thrilled. So, so, so thrilled. She's amazingly talented and her work is beautiful. We've framed the drawing she sent us (with a Framed & Matted frame, another company that has supported Make the Most and is a household favorite) and love having it be the first thing we see in our entryway. Thank you, Madeline!!!

Madeline's giving one reader a free custom watercolor illustration of their choice (you provide the photo!), with up to four people in the illustration! Enter below (and check out all of her amazing work)! The giveaway will close at midnight CT on Monday, August 28. Open to U.S. readers only. One randomly selected winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

Thank you for visiting this space. Even if it's your first time (hi!). Thank you. It means so much to me. I'm excited for what's to come here in year five.

P.S. Since only one person can win the giveaway (boo, I know!), you can order an illustration from Madeline here if you don't end up being that lucky person ;)

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