Year One

Monday, June 19, 2017

Yesterday, Brian and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. To say this last year has been a beautiful blur would be an understatement. We got married, went on our honeymoon, celebrated the holidays, bought an apartment, began planning a future filled with love and adventure. Looking at our wedding photos makes my heart hurt a little bit ... thinking about how quickly time can pass, how these were the moments we officially started our lives together, reliving the amazing memories from this day/night and the crazy adventure that is ahead for the two of us. I'm so grateful for all of this. Every bit of it.

To celebrate year one I thought it would be fun to share a small glimpse into our lives with a few questions we both answered separately. Responses below! I love you so much, B xo

1. Things the other person can't live without? 

L: Brian can't live without peanut butter, podcasts, whiskey, pepperoni pizza, Arsenal, Twitter and gray T-shirts.

B: Ladz can't live without candy, bad television, falling asleep in the car/on the couch, fun trips, eating slowly at restaurants with outdoor seating.

2. Any favorite traditions?

L: When we first started dating, we'd travel more for work/separately to see friends, and every time one of us was leaving, we'd go out on a dinner date the night before. One of my fondest memories of those days was going to a French restaurant in Lincoln Park (Red Rooster, we miss you!) that we loved (and has since closed) before I went to Florida for work. The waiter gave us a fancy, expensive bottle of wine for next-to-nothing and we were giddy.

B: A tradition we used to have, which we've since let slip, is going out to dinner together the night before one of us is going out of town without the other. We should re-start that!

3. What have you learned in the past year? 

L: To not assume he can read my mind. I used to think I was being chill and easy by not asking for what I wanted, only to get resentful when things didn't go as planned (the epitome of not being chill). I'm a lot more communicative, whether it's about something important or trivial like me wanting B to take out the trash. By asking for what I want, it clears up a lot of confusion and ensures we're on the same page.

B: That you can just buy a house randomly. But more seriously, that you can only do something like that when you are a good team.

4. What about marriage were you not expecting? 

L: We had been living together already when we got married, so I sort of felt like I already had a good understanding of what marriage felt like. It wasn't until our first trip after marriage, going through security/customs together that I realized we're now a family. I think I assumed that term would only be meaningful if we have kids in the future, but I've come to realize how special a family of two is for now.

B: I was surprised and how much I like wearing a ring. It makes me proud to wear because it represents our relationship and Ladan, and those are things I love most.

5. Something you don't see eye-to-eye on?

L: New York City, coconuts, music (more specifically, my love of boy bands), whether sports should exist

B: Coconuts, ideal temperatures, when you can wear shorts comfortably

6. A year out, is there one moment from your wedding that stands out the most? 

L: Our first look was really special, it's hard not to pick that, but for some reason (this feels kind of random!), so was seeing my in-laws after I was dressed. I was so anxious to show my dad and bridesmaids my dress, I knew that would be a special moment, and I knew seeing Brian would be an instant highlight and relieve my nervousness, but I wasn't expecting to feel so overwhelmed and at home when I saw Brian's parents. We were all so happy, and I truly felt like (and have every day since) I was joining their family.

B: Our first look. Seeing Ladan for the first time definitely stands out the most.

7. What's one thing you wish the other person liked more?

L: Eating in bed. It's pretty much my favorite indulgence ever (I ate almost every single meal in bed before we lived together). But I always make such a mess that Brian can't get behind it.

B: Arsenal Football Club :)

8. Habit you love about each other/habit you hate? 

L: I love B's habit of always looking presentable when leaving the house. He won't even go to the grocery store without a quick shower and changing into jeans. I, on the other hand, drag myself out of bed and straight to practically anywhere. My least favorite habit is how he puts his dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher (which he passes to get to the sink!!!!!!!!!!). I just don't get it.

B: I love that Ladan always texts me goodnight when we aren't together, but I can't stand her exaggerations, which are spreading into my personality!

9. Any bucket list items for year 2?

L: Brian's going to hate this question (he hates the term "bucket list"). But, no. We've decided to have a super chill year this year, and I'm really relieved to not be planning a wedding or moving. Everything feels in place, and I want to take time to enjoy it.

B: It's the year of chill, no!!!!! Also, no bucket lists. I'm not kicking the bucket.

10. One word to sum up the other: 

L (about B): Loyal.
B (about L): Devoted.

11. What's your favorite part about being married to the other? 

L: That we truly love experiencing things together. If I've eaten a great meal, watched an interesting documentary, or heard a funny joke, it's always B that I want to share it with.

B: Always having someone to come home and chill with, or get pizza with, or go on adventures with. That I never get tired of seeing Ladan.

12. Favorite little thing the other regularly does? 

L: Brian brings me a glass of water to bed every single night, without fail. And I usually only take one sip, if that, but he knows I like having it on my bedside table in case. Sometimes he'll be in bed and realize there's no water and get up, and I think it's so endearing, especially because it's an unspoken gesture.

B: Ladan brings me home a surprise treat often. Whether from the grocery store or somewhere else, that kind of little surprise always makes my day.

P.S. You can see all of our wedding and honeymoon photos here!


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