Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I know, I know ... it's so sappy and cliche to say, and I'm even rolling my eyes as I type this, but after nearly seven years with this man, I still feel like I scored the world's biggest jackpot getting to share life with him. And not just because he makes the best steak, is the world's #1 back scratcher or seems to be aging in a Benjamin Button sort of way.

But because this man is pure good. Because this man loves me unconditionally, and is always kind, even when I haven't been kind back.

Because he knows the importance of a hot pot of coffee and a good piece of pie.

Because he is without a doubt the most loyal friend in the world. If everyone he knew had to move on the same day, he would be sure to help every single person pack their boxes into the truck. He treats everyone the same and is always there for anyone. 

Because I know he always has my back. He's the first to criticize me privately and the first to defend me publicly.  

Because when we argue, he'll sit down and hear me out. And not just half way, he really listens to what I have to say. He is also quick to forgive, which I really, really love about him (because I sure don't ;)

Because he never says no to anything, especially pizza.

Because he knows how to dream big (he's convinced his pro-soccer, basketball and golf days are still ahead) and makes me so excited for our future.

Because, while he has respectable taste in music, he'll let me blast my pop jams whenever we're in the car (and will always sing along despite not knowing any of the lyrics/make up terrible new lyrics).

Because he is focused, diligent and funny. Because he'll always prioritize dancing in the kitchen over the long list of boring things I insist we have to do.

Because he works under the radar, and doesn't care for praise. Because he's nothing but honest, an incredibly hard worker and loves Chicago more passionately and fervently than I do.

Because he has the most adventurous spirit and the patience of a saint. Because he's the best partner and planner. Because he doesn't take things too seriously unless they have to be taken seriously. Because he fixes things, makes things and brings things down for me again, and again and again. Because he truly makes life such a joy every day and has given me the best years of my life.

You're my favorite person, Brian Lee Hayes. Thank you for being my better half, my sounding board and my happy place. Happy 29th birthday!!!

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