Grand Rapids (& Saugatuck!), Michigan!

Friday, May 5, 2017

For the past seven years (since we graduated college!), my (now 18-year-long) friends and I have had a little reunion (most often in Michigan, here and here) every year. We're spread across states (and countries) these days, so getting the six of us together is no small feat. It almost happened this time, but we'll have to keep our fingers crossed for the fall.

I wish I was blogging when we first started these get-togethers. I love looking back at the photos and seeing how things have changed. There are husbands now! And babies! And the conversations have changed so much from our 11-year-old days. But at the same time, sometimes, not at all (being our high school crushes gives you the honor of never being forgotten). I love these girls and this weekend so much. I came home so refreshed and happy. I didn't realize how much I needed the girl time.

We cheersed so much all weekend! And to so much! To each other, to moves back home, to surviving middle school. I'm pretty equal opportunity when it comes to cake, but there's nothing like Nothing Bundt Cakes. I couldn't love a cake more. There's a shop by our closest Comcast store, so I'm always secretly hoping Brian has to stop there when the Internet doesn't work. And I think sometimes when we're in the car he drives past it on purpose just so I can start my saga on how good it is. So good!

We spent most of Saturday in Saugatuck, a cute little lake town, which has lots of specialty shops and restaurants. We tried lots of jams (it reminded me of our honeymoon in Menton :) I could live on those and homemade bread (which Brian and I have been talking about making for years but never muster up the confidence. This is the summer of bread! I feel it!)

How delicious do these (gluten free, vegan) homemade Ho Hos look? My sweet tooth was out in full force, apparently!

Oh, just cheersing again! We found a winery that was offering 10 wine tastings and 10 appetizer pairings for $10, which was pretty much the best deal I've ever gotten on anything.

The weather held up until Saturday afternoon, when it took a turn for the worse for days. Its been so relentless and dreary and terrible since.

That night we went to a frozen yogurt spot with more toppings than I've ever seen in one spot and looked at old prom photos for hours. We laughed so hard, I was practically in tears until bed. This weekend was so good for my soul.

The next morning we went to breakfast before heading home (such a scary storm during our drive!). The breakfast spot had a build-your-own omelet option, which included up to seven complimentary fixings! Toppings are no joke in Michigan! And as someone who takes her topping strategy very seriously, I really appreciate the opportunity to not have to skimp. 

I don't know how I got so lucky in the girlfriend department, but I am surrounded by some pretty incredible women in my life. Women who aren't just inspiring in the ways they conduct themselves with their family lives or careers, but with how much good they do and how they serve people around them, always speaking kind words about one another and others and regularly leave me feeling inspired to do something better or try something new or just anxiously awaiting the next time we can get together.  I love these women, and absolutely loved this weekend. Until next time, girls! 

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