San José del Cabo, Mexico!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A few weeks ago we went to San José del Cabo and stayed at an all inclusive resort. It was our first time taking this type of trip and the absolute best time (we kept joking that we're forever done staying at tiiiiiiny Airbnbs, but yeah right ;). I was awarded the trip through work (and some of my friends at work were, too!), and we were spoiled rotten — fancy gifts and receptions every night, a mix of adventures and poolside lounging during the days, an absurd amount of food and cocktails. When we came back we joked that we'd gotten so used to it, we'd expect it to continue at home. We saw my family the night we landed so we could celebrate the Iranian New Year together the next day, and my cutie parents sent us home with lots of food and New Year gifts, so the pampering did last a long time :)

We didn't take our big camera (but did take our little instant one), so we mostly relied on our iPhones for photos. And even those we left behind more often than not (I now wish I had photographed every bit of the breakfast buffet I miss with all my heart). But still, a few photos below! If you find yourself in Cabo, we can't recommend kayaking to the arch enough (and I'm sure snorkeling is cool, but the water was freezing, so we backed out last minute :)

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