San Diego, California!

Friday, February 10, 2017

We spent last weekend in San Diego with some dear friends, and, as always when we return from a trip to California, I'm left asking myself why we don't live there. What a gorgeous place! There's beauty and sunshine in every corner (it's currently freezing in Chicago)! Although I think I'm a city girl through and through, I also love the chill Cali vibes. Who knows where we'll be in years to come, but it's no secret in our house that I will not be upset if we happen to end up in California :)

The first thing we did when we landed on Thursday night was grab burgers and animal fries at In-N-Out (just another reason to move to Cali, B!), soooo delicious. I think we might have ended up going to In-N-Out more times than days we were in San Diego. That's how you know you have good friends.

On Friday morning we woke up bright and early, grabbed some acai bowls and sandwiches and headed to hike El Cajon Mountain. I had suggested the hike a few weeks before we left, but after researching it a bit I told Brian I didn't think we were prepared for it (everything on every site said it's for experienced hikers only, the hardest hike in San Diego). He insisted we at least try, that we could always turn back.

Just getting from the parking lot to the trail head was exhausting, and it was only much, much more difficult from there. It ended up taking us nearly eight hours to hike the full thing, and it was by far the most challenging thing my body has ever done. The photos don't do it justice because I only had the camera out during the few times when I wasn't using both my hands and feet to not tumble. Poor Brian held my hand the entire way back, when I really didn't know how I could possibly make it down the steep parts. Only to conquer them and see more steep parts ahead.

On New Year's Day Brian and our friend Harsh set a resolution to do 50 pushups a day, and they've held each other accountable every day since (they call each other accountabili-buddies :) They've got a spreadsheet going and take it so seriously (Brian will jump out of bed, no matter the time, if he remembers he didn't finish some).

THANK GOODNESS WE HAD SANDWICHES. We scarfed them down the second we reached the summit.

My best girls <3

As difficult as the hike was, we laughed the entire time. We played games, shared stories and motivated each other to keep going.

More pushups...

That night we rewarded ourselves with dinner at CUCINA Urbana, which had the best cocktails and homemade tagliatelle.

The apartment we rented had amazing views, a pool table instead of a kitchen table and a big outdoor hot tub. On our last night we ordered takeout Thai food, stayed in and chatted in the hot tub for hours.

We spent Saturday in Temecula, an hour drive from San Diego, which is full of vineyards. There was a long dirt road, full of big and little wineries, and the sun was shining all day. Peltzer was my favorite stop (cozy couches and bread pairings with every wine tasting!).

We started Sunday morning with breakfast by the water in La Jolla before heading to Coronado and a few beaches to get as much sand between our toes as possible before going home.

We ended our trip with popsicles from Viva Pops (a big reason I want to go back!). Felt like we had a sweet taste of summertime for a few days :)

Thank you, San Diego, for a wonderful long weekend! And friends for being the best adventure buddies. xoxo


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