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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

As someone who anxiously dreads winter's arrival the second the air feels crisp in the fall, I can't believe how fast time is going by lately. I took on a big freelance project in December and have been dedicating most of my free time to filling our new place (as of last week, we have a bed!), so things like the blog (or finishing this book, which I think is the funniest) have fallen by the wayside.

The holidays seem forever go, and I realized last night that I never posted photos from when my friend Lily visited for New Year's Eve. She ended up getting super sick and losing her voice during her stay, so we spent most of our time on the couch, eating Chinese takeout and watching Westworld, which, though I felt bad for her, was so cozy and relaxing. A few of Brian's friends also flew in for a couple of days, so it felt like a mini reunion all around.

Before we got cooped up, we were able to explore a bit, eating our way through neighborhoods as usual. Highlights this trip included Mindy's Hot Chocolate, Pequod's Pizza (THE BEST) and The Hampton Social (Brian ordered the best cocktail). I also introduced Lily to Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding (one of my favorite desserts!), which I've craved every day since.

I always lick every bit of my plate clean at Mindy's and don't save room for hot chocolate. But since we had a visitor in town, there were no excuses :) Lily and I split the old-fashioned (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, chocolate bits and whipped ganache), and it was to die for.

After weeks of frigid weather in Chicago, we finally caught a break, so we spent an entire day outside, walking around downtown and going down slides at Maggie Daley Park.

Seriously the best pizza. Even if you have to wait hours and hours for it.

We've finally figured out how to work our fireplace, and I'm so, so, glad. Sitting by it with a glass of wine has turned into my favorite weekend activity. Did I ever mention our struggles? We tried everything, and our dads each spent some time on it, too. We looped in all the neighbors, YouTube videos, manuals we found in our storage space in the basement. Nothing was working! We finally caved and got in touch with the previous owners, who guided us through it :)

Lily, Brian, our friends Monika and Harsh, and I have a new tradition of going out for ramen on New Year's Day. This year's restaurant was a dud (last year's really hit the spot), it was still so fun overcoming our hangovers in solidarity. We also went on a cinnamon bun hunt, which landed in the duddiest dud of a pastry.


And now I'm looking at my sad desk lunch wishing it was a lobster roll. Ugh!

As always ... move here, Lily :)

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