Hitting Refresh With ThredUP and George The Salon

Friday, January 13, 2017

True to form, I threw my body for a solid loop this holiday season. I'm not a particularly healthy eater (I have a stash of candy in my bedside table, always), but I was inhaling chips and drizzling everything with syrup.

On top of that, I feel like I destroyed my hair and skin. I try to blow dry my hair once a week at most, wash it every few days, and have only been wearing makeup for special occasions, to let my skin breathe. But between holiday parties, work and family commitments, I was plugging in the flat iron and caking on foundation for weeks.

So, last weekend, I decided to take up George the Salon on an offer to try their Kérastase 24-Carats Ritual, which is used to nourish, protect, illuminate and restore your hair. Every step is silicone and paraben free, which was really important to me and a question I asked before booking the appointment. Over the past few years my hair feels like it has drastically thinned out (and greyed), so I'm hesitant to add any chemicals that could make matters worse.

My appointed started with a little chat with my stylist, Michelle. She asked me about my hair concerns and explained how the treatment would help. During the whole process, she told me what she was doing and what products she was using (the process takes about 30 minutes and can be repeated at home).

First she started with an in-depth cleanse, using Elixir Ultime Oil, then a double application of Elixir Ultime Shampoo (to remove any product residue). She then applied the Masque Elixir Ultime, mixed with a little bit of Fusio-Dose Booster Discipline to keep my hair frizz free. Finally, she rinsed all the products and added another application of the Elixir Ultime Oil. We're a week out and my hair still feels so soft and clean.

I asked Brian to snap a few pics when I got home because, treatment aside, it was also the best blowout I've ever had, which had to be documented, and I wanted to show off a new dress because I'm obsessed with thredUP, where it came from (THE DRESS IS ZARA AND WAS $6! $6!).

Have you heard of thredUP? Ever since we moved in November I've been on full-on purge mode and getting rid of just about anything that catches my eye. ThredUP has been an amazing way to make some cash in the process. All you have to do is quickly signup and they send you a Clean Out Bag. Then you put your gently used clothing in the bag. Seal it with its auto-seal (like glue) and give it to your postman or drop it off – it already has a label and it’s marked as yours in their system. Weeks later you’ll get a notification that your bag is being checked, and then listed, and then if items are sold you get a percentage. The percentage varies on the price of each piece and it is nominal (like if they sell it for $8 you might get $2) but it adds up, it’s easy and you do feel like your years of shopping for your clothes aren’t just being wasted.

There are other second hand clothing sites out there, but none with so much inventory in good condition from amazing brands for women. Their prices are always up to 90% off. They have last years J. Crew, last season’s Kate Spade, I was able to get a few Club Monaco shirts for less than $15 each (one of the shirts was brand new, with the original tag, $85!). They have it all. Every one-of-a-kind find goes through a meticulous process before it is accepted and listed on the site.

It's amazing. Treat yourself sometime this dreary winter and get a hair treatment, and a blowout, and designer clothes for less than your Chipotle order. And then make your husband come out in negative-degree weather to take photos of your crazy self.

P.S. ThredUP is offering readers 50% off with code DRESSES50 (discount up to $50). Offer ends 2/1/2017.

(This post was sponsored by George the Salon and thredUP. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.)


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