A Cool Wedding Gift Idea...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Over the weekend Brian and I braved the cold and went to Big Star, one of our favorite taco spots. We shared a big plate of guacamole and salsas, lots of tacos, sipped on beers, horchata (my fav) and cocktails. It was such a relaxing night, and a treat from our friends Emily and Alex.

Emily and Alex gave us a couple of restaurant gift cards as wedding presents in June — places we had been together as a foursome and loved, places in our neighborhood we haven't been to but they'd read about and think we should try — with a little note encouraging us to go on date nights and the importance of them in their own marriage. It's such a sweet, personal gift idea! Instead of our go-to (a check), I want to do this moving forward. E&A said it's their staple gift for friends near and far (there's nothing a little Yelping can't help with).

It felt like a luxury to spend a few hours together, chatting about the past 180 days of marriage and all of the things we want to do in the future. Without the gift card, we likely would have had potato soup for the third time that week ;-)

Later that night Brian made the the funniest joke right as I was falling asleep, and I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. Cheers to six months, BLH. I hope life stays like this forever.

P.S. A cool bachelorette party idea and a cool wedding shower idea.


  1. They did the same thing for us with GR restaurant spots! It made it easy to say "yes" to date night!

    1. Right? We have one left (for a place we've never been before!) and I can't wait to use it. It's such a good idea.

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