Portland, Oregon!

Monday, November 14, 2016

A couple of weekends ago Brian, my best adventure friend Lily and I went to Oregon to visit Brian's friend Kelli and her husband Ryan. Man, that state is gorgeous. Everyone is insanely friendly, and you can't have a bad meal if you try (also, there's no sales tax and you don't pump your own gas!). Here are a few photos, if you'd like to see...

I had to go on a last minute business trip to California on Thursday, when everyone else got together, so I met the gang on Friday afternoon. They sent me photos throughout the day, and I couldn't believe the snake they saw on a trail in the morning! I would have been terrified. 

Our first stop when I got into town was Powell's Books (which you definitely need a nap to navigate!). We spent the afternoon cruising the aisles, sipping on coffee and thumbing through lots of pages. 

That night we hit up Deschutes Brewery and had dinner at the coziest spot. 

We were on the road at 6 both mornings, ready to explore. On the first day we went to the coast and hiked six hours, my legs were complete jelly by the end. The views were unbelievable, though! It felt like we experienced every biome that weekend.

There girls were trying to tell me to not be scared and move slowly (there was a big spider on me), but I thought they were going to say a rat was nearby (my ultimate fear).

We didn't end up having time to hit up a vineyard (Oregon has many!), so we did our own little wine tasting at home with Pacific Northwest wines. True to form, I thumbs upped them all.

On Sunday morning, before sunrise, we hit the road to hike by Mount Hood. We played games in the car all weekend, and it made the time fly (a new favorite game: "Was I drunk or a kid?")! When we were close, Kelli took us to a Shell gas station that's known for having the best breakfast burritos. They were amazing.

There was lots of slippery ice and snow, and I was wearing old, worn-down sneakers. I was moving unbearably slowly and still slipping everywhere.

We ate our burritos at a canyon at the peak of our hike, shivering and scarfing them down.

We celebrated six years of dating that weekend! I adore this adventure buddy.

On so many recommendations, we grabbed a box of Voodoo Donuts on our way to the airport and devoured them before saying our goodbyes.

What a magical trip! Thank you so much, Ryan, Kelli and Oregon. We miss you already and can't wait to come back. xoxo


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