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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hi! How are you doing? More than a week out of the election, I still feel the need to send a hug to everyone out there, no matter what your political beliefs are. It has been a long and hard week, but I'm finally in the mood to take a deep breath, smile and reset.

I was in DC last week for work, and when I came back, exhausted, I was so sad to notice how somber Chicago felt. Brian and I talked about the results for a long time on Thursday night and the huge mix of emotions we were feeling: shock, sadness, disbelief, grief for what could have been. But we told ourselves we'd dust it off that weekend, spend some time with some important people in our lives and discuss how we can bring about change on a larger scale, but perhaps more importantly, individually.

I spent Friday night with some girlfriends, discussing everything that had happened that week in the country, and our own lives, and how we think it'll change the future. It was such an empowering and honest conversation. My friend Megan said it best: "Smiled and laughed for real for the first time since Tuesday night. Things are messed up, but if you're afraid, there are people that love you and that will fight for you. Don't lose hope."

On Saturday Brian and I had breakfast at The Winchester before checking out Stony Island Arts Bank (drool-worthy library!), looking at the city from Promontory Point and eating the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwiches from Cafe Marie-Jeanne. It was such a relaxing day, I didn't want it to end!

On Sunday my family came to the city to have a little Thanksgiving celebration, since my parents will be in London next week. We had THE BEST brunch at Gather, I can't recommend it enough (best, best, best bellinis), and walked in and out of Lincoln Square shops for hours (can't wait to go back here and here).

Hope you're having a great week! It's hump day, which means it's almost the weekend again :-) xo

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