Our Wedding: Cake Toppers

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We were so, so, so incredibly lucky to be sent custom cake toppers from Esther of Lil' Cake Toppers a few months before our wedding. I was squealing when I received her email offering them to us. They were a big hit on the big day (everyone was asking about them!) and have earned a spot, front and center, on our bookshelf since. I see them every day and can't believe how spot on Esther (who's also the design mastermind behind Little Fury) got all the details — my jewelry, Brian's beard, the front and back of my dress, our respective flowers; it's unbelievable. I also love how she represents different ethnicities and backgrounds. If you're looking to personalize your wedding in a small, classy way, we can't recommend Lil' Cake Toppers enough. Such a beautiful, unique souvenir for us to keep forever. 

That said, don't make the mistake I did! I didn't show my dress to anyone but my mom and sister before the wedding (Brian, my bridesmaids, dad and mother-in-law did just about everything in hopes of me budging), and I was so careful to keep it a secret ... until I showed Brian the cake toppers in extreme excitement and gave it away a bit! That's OK. I couldn't have possibly kept the thrill of these beauties to myself that long. 

P.S. You can find all of our wedding photos, video and details on the planning process here


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