Seattle, Washington!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Over the years I've slowly turned Brian around on short vacations. While he's still not thrilled about the idea of a long weekend abroad ("I don't want to fly somewhere only to turn right around," and, of course, the costly airfare not being worth it for a lighting-fast getaway), we've become big fans of quick, domestic trips. To Brian's point, we're zombies at work on Mondays when we do this, but who isn't a zombie on Monday, anyway? This past weekend we spent a few days in Seattle with my sister, visiting our friend Allie, and while we would have loved to stay a few extra days (or weeks), it was the perfect little getaway.

We flew in on Thursday night and worked remotely on Friday. Given the time difference, there was still plenty of time for exploring and getting obsessed with cocktails at Rachel's Ginger Beer (OBSESSED) that afternoon.

I had been to Seattle once before but still insisted on hitting up touristy spots like the Market Theater Gum Wall and Pike Place Market, both of which were packed with people. Before leaving, I'd made a list of a dozen places I'd hoped we'd get to, but between the heat (I'd foolishly packed three jackets for the two-day trip, when only shorts and tanks were necessary) and packed spaces, we didn't get to a lot of them (I'll be back for you, Le Panier). Just another reason to book another visit soon :-)

On Saturday we hiked to Lake Margaret, which was a nice reminder of how out of shape I am. To be fair, it was hot, and everyone but me in our group could be classified a runner, so I sure felt those eight miles on Sunday morning. In fact, between the hike and hills all weekend, I'm still feeling it.

We spent our last night sipping on cocktails by the water, waiting for a table at a restaurant nearby. After a while we decided we weren't really in the mood for anything fancy and took an Uber to Fremont to get ginormous pizza slices. On our way home later that evening we stopped at the grocery store for individual pints of ice cream, which we devoured while watching Silicon Valley. 

Traveling always feels like such a breath of fresh air. We can't wait for our honeymoon (a month from today!)! Visiting old friends, having a change of scene, piney trees ... Thank you, Seattle, for a wonderful weekend. xoxo 

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