Lily Visits!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Perhaps the best part of our wedding, our devotion to each other and five layers of frosting aside, was having so many people we love, from so many cities, countries and continents, from so many paths in our lives, all in one room. It was truly surreal, but it felt like we saw each person for three seconds, maybe less. So, when my friend Lily offered to fly to Chicago again in July to celebrate my birthday with me, I squealed. As Brian and I slowly came off our wedding high, we'd been looking forward to this past weekend for weeks.

On Friday we picked Lily up from the airport and went straight to Lost Lake for drinks. We'd been wanting to get our hands on a tiki drink for some time, and these didn't disappoint. After that Brian made us his world-famous stromboli (we practically licked our plates) and later we met up with family for beers and intense games of giant Jenga.

The next day we started with the most delicious brunch at Mortar & Pestle, followed by a picnic at the park with some friends to celebrate my birthday. My brother and sister brought me my favorite white chocolate raspberry cake, and we sipped on canned champagne and slacklined for hours. Brian and my brother were obsessed and so good at slacklining, I keep seeing it show up all over our Amazon account now ... I'm worried we'll own one soon. 

We had every intention of doing something else that evening, but we were at the park until dark and couldn't muster up more than ramen and a movie (we watched this and loved it).

On Sunday we ate enough sweets to make ourselves sick and walked enough to crash, hard, that night. It was such a wonderful weekend of exploring and laughter. As always, we're left begging Lily to just move here already.

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