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Monday, August 8, 2016

The past few months have whizzed by, and I truly can't believe we're nearing the middle of August. I haven't taken full advantage of the summer days yet! We've had a busy few months, and I'm vowing to slow down and enjoy the long days while we can.

I'd let photos pile up on my camera and phone for weeks, so over the weekend I took the time to sort through them, and I wanted to share some favorites from life lately. It has been so sweet and memorable, I wish I could bottle up the past few months forever.

We got to know the airport's international terminal well in June, and my parents' house was filled with more love and laughter than ever before. Relatives from both my mom and dad's sides stayed with us for a few weeks, prepping for the wedding around the clock, singing Iranian songs and showing off their Persian dancing moves at all hours. Since we don't have much family in the U.S., and none in Illinois, our house is usually the quietest one on the block. Having it filled with nearly 20 people, who weren't shy to celebrate, was a shock to our neighborhood, I'm sure. 

Those wedding days were some of the best, most emotional days of my life. While a number of our guests didn't get visas in time (our original ring bearer included), we were so humbled to have guests fly in from all over the world. Showing my cousins who I hadn't seen in 20 years and my best friends from England my favorite neighborhood spots, with my husband, was a memory I'll cherish forever.

The morning after our wedding we went to McDonald's for breakfast (naturally), before heading to brunch at my parents' house. We were still so dazed by everything, especially the sight of Brian wearing a ring! We thought if we put it in the cashier's face, she'd ask about it, we'd tell her we had gotten married the night before, perhaps she would offer to cover our breakfast — nope. Also, Brian's sock tan that morning!

In July I went to Dallas for work and saw Jerry Springer at the airport. It was an early Monday morning and I was coming off a terrible cold. My ears and eyes couldn't have perked up more (I love a good airport sighting). 

My friend Christel visited from Germany that month, and because she's my first close pregnant friend, we deemed it OK to touch her belly numerous times and ask lots of invasive questions. We spent hours and hours at dinner one Thursday night, making up for lost time now that we're not all a few streets apart. 

There's still a lot more summer to savor (we're heading to Seattle on Thursday and would love any recommendations!), and looking back at it so far, it's definitely one of the best yet. Summer in this city can't be beat. Combining it with the people that have come through it recently, nothing could be better. 

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