A New Birthday Tradition!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brian and I talk a lot about family traditions. Like, what it is that our family will love to do together over the years to come and carry on over the decades. Throughout the past six years we've established a few things we look forward to (zoo lights and burgers at RJ Grunts every Christmas, brunch to celebrate our dating anniversary) and most recently Brian started something new (and super tasty).

For every close family member and friend's birthday, he's making that person a big batch of their favorite ice cream. We were gifted an ice cream maker early last spring (thanks Beth and Tom!), and while we heard so many "you'll never use it!" cries, it's probably already our most cherished, worn-in appliance.

For my birthday last month I picked vegan coconut and vanilla, and I've savored every bite. It tastes amazing, but there's more to it than that. There's something so special about it. Maybe it's because I know Brian generally isn't a big fan of spending time in the kitchen, so it's a sacrifice. Then again, he has said many times how much he enjoys making these, so perhaps it's knowing the care and precision that goes into the process. Maybe it's knowing that that tub right there, that's mine. I might share, but it was made with love for me. My favorites so far (since I'm the certified taster): salted caramel (homemade caramel, even!), chocolate chocolate chip, and coconut and vanilla, of course. Salivating at the thought! Rushing home to finish my last serving tonight.

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