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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My parents on (one of) their wedding day(s). My mom wore her sister-in-law's wedding dress and they invited a few friends to join them at the court house in London, where they lived (two of their five guests met for the first time that day, started dating and have been married nearly 30 years now!) Their families were in Iran, where they also had a ceremony so their marriage could be recognized there, but my dad didn't attend because he was finishing his Ph.D. and was worried about leaving England with the chaos of the revolution in Iran. So, his dad stepped in where he could. Their story puts any ups and downs of our planning to shame, and their love and commitment is what we aspire towards. 

Our wedding is on Saturday and suddenly my senses seem heightened to everything around me. I think of those who've passed that won't be there and guests whose visas didn't come in time and had to sacrifice their plane tickets. It's funny how a wonderful celebration can also bring about such a deep, hollow sadness.

With those that will be absent in our minds and in our hearts, I'm so, so excited (and getting so nervous!) about this next stage of my life and incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so much love. It's truly surreal. I'm signing off for some time to enjoy the festivities ahead and can't wait to get back here as a married woman! Eek! 

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