A Pair of Pants, A Marriage License, Other Things

Thursday, June 2, 2016

We're 16 days away. 16! We have a marriage license! And while we can't wait (we've can't waited for months now), we could use some time.

Throughout the past 19 months we've done our fair share of complaining about wedding planning, but truthfully, its been a breeze. I think it's because this is our forte. Budgets! Excel docs! Schedules! Countless hours perusing the Internet! Sparkly things, pink things, gold things, beautiful things. I live for these things, and for what I don't, Brian does. We've crushed it, savored every step and planned decisions months in advance so nothing has felt rushed, everything just as we want it to be.

At the beginning of the year we found out there were new laws for Iranians, so every Iranian and those who have visited the country (born in Iran, lived in Iran, visited Iran, born to Iranian parents, thought about Iran, it seems), needs a visa to enter the U.S. Fine. Friends and family all over the world started applying, we started crossing all of our fingers and toes, and everyone was approved. We rejoiced. Crushing it, no?

But then. Or now.

Visas were approved but they can take weeks-months to be issued, and we're 16 days out with flights booked and a number of visas not in hands. Some dear friends and family have been forced to give up, cancel their flights. Others are still hoping they'll receive them in time. I'd do just about anything to make sure our ring bearer makes it from Australia.



A few weeks ago I was at dinner with my friend Jessica. We savored wine and pizza on a patio for hours and hours, talking about relationships, our careers, what we want from life. The heavy stuff. Around 10 I texted Brian that I was getting into a cab, and he texted me that he couldn't find his wedding suit pants. I assured him I'd find them when I got home. He assured me he'd torn the place apart looking for them (he had. I caught him in the middle of checking the kitchen cabinets when I got home, ha!). Long story short, suit pants purchased in December are somehow gone (we think we dropped them outside transporting them from the car over the holidays). I was bummed, but I figured we'd just begrudgingly pay for them again. They were out of stock online. Fine, we'd call and have them check all stores. Sold out. Fine, we'd return the jacket, get some money back, and start from scratch. It's been more than 45 days, can't return. So there we were. A late Monday night. Pantless.

And of course there will be the bad, there's always the bad. And there's so much more good, I know. And they're just pants! There are other black pants (although we've found out there are many shades of black, I'll have you know). And there will be other life events my family and friends will make it to witness. But in between the stresses of final decisions, these small things and some much larger and more important, the health of a few close to us, have made for a difficult few days.

So, 16 days. And in almost every way we're so ready. Ready to see so many we love, to share our union, to spend the rest of our lives together. I'm giddy at the thought of all of that. But in other ways, we need some time. And a stress ball. And extra fingers and toes to cross.

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