My Bachelorette Party

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A few weeks ago some of my best girls treated me to the most relaxing weekend in Austin, Texas. It was such a fun trip (Austin is such a rad city!), and it made me even more excited to have all of my loves together in less than one month!

I've gotten into the habit of being a bit of a recluse on the weekends, so it was refreshing to spend three days getting dressed up, exploring, eating lots, and lots, and lots of tacos. It was also so nice to spend time with just the ladies in my life, I've been lusting over more getaways in months to come. I love a good family vaca or some time away with B, but there's something so nostalgic and exciting about a girls trip. It brought back lots of sleepover memories and the comfort of it all reminded me why I love these girls so much. 


We rented a cozy house (with a huge master suite) away from the city and spent our days drinking champagne drinks and chatting by the pool. We also made the trek to Barton Springs for a short hike and to check out the pool there. It was frigid in Chicago that weekend, so we were extra grateful for 85-degree weather. 

Five years ago at a birthday party for Brian, some of his friends brought Doritos, and my friend (then-roommate) Sara boldly asked "Who brought the Doritos?" Equal parts disgusted and intrigued. It sparked a new love for them, and now we're always sure to have a bag on hand. On our last night in Austin we came home and jumped in the hot tub with an obnoxious number of snacks, and inhaled those Doritos. 


We randomly ran into an old high school friend we hadn't seen in 10 years and drank things we'd forgotten existed since graduating college.

On our last day we hit up the graffiti park and talked about how badly we didn't want to go home over iced coffees and a homemade poptart (high on my list to try at home).

And then (the cherry on the top!!!) a few of us ran into Caitlyn Jenner at the airport. We had just changed our clothes and were rearranging our suitcases when my sister spotted her. I ran up to see if it was her, and she asked me if I wanted to take a selfie — duh!!! I've never seen anyone famous, so I was over the moon about it all. And it was very obvious.

When I got home, it was pouring in Chicago, and Brian picked me up on the airport. He had had his bachelor party that weekend as well, and as we were exchanging stories, he told me his dad, who had joined for dinner one night with my dad and met a bunch of his friends, had come by to him and said he couldn't believe how many intelligent, kind, inspiring people we have surrounded ourselves with. And suddenly the exhaustion, the gratitude, the rain, it all kicked in and I lost it hearing that, guys. We really have some of the greatest people around us, and if this wedding process has confirmed anything besides my lack of patience and utmost craziness, it's that.

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  1. Love this so much. I'm in the process of planning a party myself and I really appreciated your post thanks.


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