Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

For you, dear B, on this, your 28th birthday:

10 things you're really good at! Better than anyone else at! Things that make you, you! Reasons why I love you!

01 / Hitting "Reply All." But also not hitting "Reply All."
02 / Figuring out what stuff comes to per hour.
03 / Taxes.
04 / Picking people up at the airport.
05 / Strapping outdoorsy things to the car.
06 / Thinking that what you wear while watching sports on TV directly affects the outcome of the game.
07 / Predicting reality TV show victors.
08 / Not accepting Pepsi when you asked for Coke.
09 / Not eating ingredients while you’re cooking.
10 / Being the smartest, sweetest, funniest, most patient partner I could ever ask for.

Also, you make the best chocolate ice cream and salami strombolis.

I'm grateful for you every stinking day. Thanks for being born. I like this funny life we're bungling up together :-)

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